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The Social Wellness Club

The Absolute solution to your corporate wellness program

The Social Wellness Club is a seven-year-old women-owned small business, that specializes in corporate wellness services & consulting for companies of all sizes. Developing, implementing and transforming your employee wellness population is our way of impacting and adding value to all the lives we touch.

Services include chair massages, fitness classes, yoga classes, educational workshops and company events.

At The SWC, we strive to let people feel good whether they are at home or in their office. Serving throughout the South-East, we were founded to go above and beyond, giving absolute care and compassion to every individual.

Bringing our services to your office takes care of everyone in the company, from the secretary at the front desk, the guy at the loading dock, to the VP of Sales, everyone is sure to feel appreciated.

Who We Are

We aim to redefine your wellness experience, whether at work, on the go, or after work happy-hour. At The Social Wellness Club, we provide a platform for the wellness connoisseurs to innovate and inspire. We curate wellness events and programs by connecting with expert gurus that help enhance the everyday work-life balance.

Traveling to offices and events with your favorite massage therapists, fitness classes, DIY workshops, healthy food trucks, and relaxing beats. It is our duty to impact all the lives we touch.

What We Do

  • The Social Wellness Club

    Corporate Wellness

    We curate experiences with masters from the fields of massage therapy, yoga, mindfulness, to even financial wellness. When a company chooses to pay for the services, the employee can register, book their appointment and get rejuvenated.

  • The Social Wellness Club


    Whether it’s a company health fair or an exclusive event to host, let us represent your company or private event with the ultimate wellness pop-up experience, day or night.

  • The Social Wellness Club

    Need Massage?

    Attend any of our events, and looking to book an appointment? Revitalize with 5-star massage delivery right to your front door or hotel. It doesn't get any easier than that.

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