The Little Things That Make You Happy

I once had someone tell me “go buy a journal and just talk to the higher power in it. Tell him all of your issues, your wants, your deepest fears and desires and watch these things begin to manifest and dissipate.” Of course I’ve always seen a movie or two about someone writing in their journal, but I never knew the benefits of why they did it and how it actually would make one feel.

So off I went and found the cutest notebook. At first, I was completely confused on how to start it off. I think I was bullet pointing everything and that was a bore, but then I somehow fell into my own comfort zone and began with a simple “Dear God,”. I’d begin by discussing what may have happened to me that day, anything I was worried about, goals I wanted to achieve, whatever really came to my mind. After a few entries it became almost an instant flow of writing. I then decided to go buy me a new journal again after tearing out so many of those bulleted point pages. I couldn’t stand to have my journal looking like that when writing down all of life’s important and meaningful passages. 

My new journal now had bible scriptures at the top right corner which I absolutely loved. Started my entries again. I would always say I was going to do an entry a day but, that never seemed to work out quite well. In a weird way it almost seemed like it was becoming a nightly task to do, although it was a very relieving method, it was just not fulfilling me in a way that I thought that it would. I continued on with my occasional entries and always buying new journals. But I still knew it was something else that I should be doing when writing, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. One day I came across this gorgeous turquoise colored journal with “Good Vibes” written on the cover. With me being a therapist, I absolutely believe in the power of energy, and “good vibes” meant everything to me.

That same week I kept coming across quotes on Instagram about being thankful for what you have. I questioned myself of how many times do I actually take a moment to be grateful for the things that I have. Not often at all. I felt that I couldn’t of been any more selfish. I’m sitting here experiencing life every single day, going through so many motions, learning lessons and growing, yet I have not sat down to be grateful for it all. I decided to make this “MyJourney of Gratefulness”. Everything that was happening to me in my life weather big or small I would write it down. As I wrote more, I felt my life beginning to shift. I found myself being thankful for more and more of the littlest things. To the point I’d be grateful for conversations I had with complete strangers, oddly finding myself either learning something from them or being inspired.

New doors began to open, new light shining in, I started feeling refreshed, renewed in so many ways. I began seeing people in a new way. Such a new way that when I’d see angry people, I’d question why are they so upset? It’s so much out here to be thankful for and very few embrace it. And I mean truly embrace it. Not just through your daily prayers but, literally writing it down, putting it in ink, making what your thankful for concrete. I couldn’t of found a better way to give back to the universe.

I ultimately wanted everyone to experience what I have. For some it can be a challenge, because they will have to let go of past experiences and embrace them because those experiences are what makes you exactly who you are today. So do yourself a favor, don’t look at it as a challenge, because if you believe it, then that is exactly what it will manifest into “a challenge.”  As my mentor says “Either your mind, expands to match your goals or your goals will shrink to match your mind”. It’s your choice, whether you are looking for a change in yourself, a breath of fresh air, that renewed feeling, start you a journal of everything your thankful for and I promise you will begin to smile in a whole new way. 

I finally felt like I was being able to heal myself through my writing by simply being grateful.

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