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Let Your Employees be Healthy & Productive

Are you ready to redefine how your company does wellness? Start by creating the perfect wellness journey for your office.

We offer an array of wellness services and solutions to take you from boring office slugs to motivated, every day Friday vibes.

Chair Massage

Choose from a 10-min to 20-min session performed in our specialty massage chairs. Our massages are performed fully clothed, focusing on your back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. We provide all of the soothing tunes and essential oil diffusers for an aromatic experience.


BENEFITS: With chair massage services, we help your employees soothe away the negative effects of stress, and improve productivity and work satisfaction. This 10-20 minute session is ideal to increase energy levels, relieve stress or tension, and relax your mind.

Yoga and Fitness

Our on-site yoga and group fitness classes provide participants an opportunity to refine their bodies through a variety of classes. You can choose from a Vinyasa yoga class to a HIIT (High-Intensity Impact Training), elevating your posture and health.

Our fitness programs are suited for all levels. With our in-house yoga and fitness classes, we help to meet your companies health and fitness goals.

BENEFITS: On-site fitness classes makes it so convenient. About 40% of adults state that they don't workout because they don't have enough time, especially adults with families. It also allows for some social time with co-workers and surprisingly can make it contagious.

‘So-Well’ Workshops

What good is a workday if you have learned nothing from it? Adding workshops like professional and personal development, sound baths, disease prevention, or preparing for paternity leave can certainly result in the right boost needed for a supported and valued work culture. Get creative with your workshops and make it a breakfast series or even a lunch and learn.

BENEFITS: With our educational workshop, our experts help you understand your body, choose a healthy lifestyle, and improve your overall health. Our workshops are designed to help you gain the knowledge of nutritious foods, healthy habits, stress relieving tactics and improving your mental health.

Wellness Event

First time for a company health fair, employee appreciation day, company 5k? Whatever it maybe we are here to provide the resources and help curate your wellness event with our partnerships.

BENEFITS: Times are changing and so are the ways that companies are creating office cultures. Hosting events promotes your name and helps people connect with your brand. Plus, people generally travel with others in tow, so your reach will extend as event attendees bring their friends. Making face to face connections with your clients, audience, or employees on a personal level has a big impact on their engagement. There’s power in attending an event and seeing other people who support the same cause


“Our company talks about the importance of ergonomics but nothing beats the chair massages and the mini education sessions these therapists provide.”

- Warren G., Fulton County Gov.

“I had no idea our company was this smart to bring massages to our event. Just 5-minutes and I’m feeling like a new woman. What a way to end the workday.”

- Alice H., Industrious Office Space

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