The Social Wellness Club

Keeping You Healthy is Our Passion

Established in 2014, out of Durham, North Carolina, The Social Wellness Club "The SWC" is a corporate wellness servicing and events company.

At The Social Wellness Club, we are on a mission to impact all the lives we touch both mentally and physically. We know that at no matter what age, we never truly stop evolving. Empowering you to move within your own true self  is what we, at The SWC are here to do—- to always deliver, relaxation, guidance and inspiration. 

Our key values include quality of services, professionalism, and reliability.

We take our expertise and extend our hands to help companies near and wide to start developing effective wellness programming and events through the art of wellness.

Making an Impact on Your Wellness

At SWC, we wanted to be more than just creative and different. We knew we wanted to be effective in making an impact on every life that we touch. Creating a change in the wellness industry is our passion. Our company accounts for an experience of over 50 years, organizing wellness events and programs for international, domestic, and corporate clients from all corners of the world. That makes us one dynamic team.

Our Purpose

We strive to guide and journey you to your next level of wellness. We are committed to helping you become a better you, mentally and physically.

How We Do It

Our best experiences always seem to occur through learning. We take the time to educate companies and their employees on all states of wellness. All our experiences are unique, and each event is different.